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Good day, This is Adeep Maharaj from Gauteng. I would like to bring to your notice the extreme kindness, support and understanding that Cobus portrayed during the three (3) days (4-5-6 June 2018) at my mom’s premises during the work carried out for the ceiling. His feedback during those days pleased me tremendously. The pictures he also sent on the last day of work was also great. It has been 1 week to date and my mom has not complained at all 😊, hence the delay in getting back. Talking about my mom, Cobus is aware of the situation, but he was very accommodating and showed lot of character and patience with my mom. I was off course glad about that. All-in-all, Cobus was great and if needs be, I would recommend him any time of the day. My overall opinion was 100% commitment which is pleasing to know. If there is anything else please do not hesitate to contact me. Br Adeep

I really wanted to send this e-mail while the contractor Maxi Huisverbeterings was still busy at my house. I got so caught up between work and other things going on that I couldn't send the mail at that stage. There is no words to describe how satisfied I am after the work Maxi Huisverbeterings did. Mr. Morrison and his team was so professional, friendly, helpful and had the sound knowledge on what to do. The right tools to complete the work at hand with excellent workmanship. One could see he is qualified in the field an he knew exactly what to do. There is such a huge difference in the manner that Maxi's team handled the repairs compared to previous contractors. Mr Morrison made sure every little thing was repaired correctly and on site to ensure that everything is done to perfection. I had no need to complain once. He really made sure that we are as comfortable as possible during the whole process, he even kept on apologizing for the previous mess we had to endure the past few months that wasn't his fault. There was no delay on the time frame set for the repairs, no cancellation on appointments made with us. The team was on time every day. They cleaned up every day before they left. My house looks picture perfect and I really want to thank you and I want to compliment Maxi Huisverbeterings on a job well done. Mr Morrison means business and his work is of an extreme high quality. I can just say Wow Wow Wow and thank you very much !!!!!